Having dipped my toe back into the world of acting after decades, I had done just enough to sense how much further I needed to go to exploit what potential I might have. Enter Gary Meitrott and Shakespeare on Main Street to my life, stage right, left and center: with Gary's unique and dynamic blend of enthusiastic encouragement, direction, purposeful critiques and depth of Shakespearean insight,  I have grown in my capacity to "think Shakespeare" as I perform (as well as other theater), find satisfaction in my efforts....and dare I say...find those occasional moments of transcendence. Come, see what this happy troupe can do for you!

                ~ Lawrence Zupan


"Gary works with theater on multiple levels -- heart, mind, spirit and action. Not only has he taught me to better my actress self, but he's pushed me to take full advantage of what the stage and character offer. A powerful role model for all ages, his vibrant energy is a constant joy to work with and learn from!"

               ---Courtney Jean Perry

Here's what some of our actors say about our artistic director, Gary Meitrott.