●   To create participatory community theatre by bringing a core group of actors together, physically, emotionally and intellectually. And, providing each actor with a deeper understanding of him/herself as an individual, creating a stronger bond between the actors and the audience.

●   To remind the public -- in this day and age of abbreviations and acronyms – of the rich vocabulary in Shakespeare’s works that is available to all of us to enliven our everyday speech: For, to speak well, we need dialogue that stretches our vocabulary, diction, enunciation, grace, and even physical stature.  In other words, poise, charm and panache!

●   To relate the relevance of Shakespeare’s messages to modern day problems and world issues, exploring human values, cultural diversity, and the human condition -- with all of its strength and frailties.


To foster a greater appreciation of the performing arts and enrich our community 

by presenting accessible, quality community theatre

that educates, inspires and entertains

people of all ages across mid- and southern Vermont.